Updating Valetudo

These are instructions on how to update your robot vacuum already running the Valetudo custom firmware.

ssh into the robot

Go to https://builder.dontvacuum.me/

Remember, if you're uploading an SSH file, it's the .pub file and the contents look like ssh-rsa AAA

Make sure on the website, the radio for Build for manual installation (requires SSH to install) is selected.

Wait about 10 minutes for an email to be sent to you with links to download your firmware.

ssh into the vacuum ssh -i ~/.ssh/yourfile root@ipaddress

cd into /mnt/data, otherwise you won't have space

do a wget of the tar.gz file from the email

My vacuum didn't have wget, so I had to download the file on my computer, and then send it over to the vacuum using scp like this:

scp roborock.vacuum.*.tar.gz root@ipaddress:/mnt/data/roborock.vacuum.*.tar.gz

continue with step 3 of the instructions from https://valetudo.cloud/pages/general/upgrading.html